10 Big Problems Caused By WWE's Upcoming Returns

10. Rollins Overshadows Styles

seth rollins noc.jpg

AJ Styles has been the most consistent performer of 2016 in WWE. Granted, there hasn't been one stand out great match, but all his efforts have been a very good standard.

Off the back of that, there's a foundation there for WWE to perhaps go further with the former TNA star. You can see that now with the Reigns feud and Bullet Club narrative. Fans widely regard him as the best worker in the company right now, and he's the token highly-pushed work-rate wrestler.

But that will all change when Seth Rollins comes back. Ability wise, he's superior to AJ Styles, and he'll be put in that top work rate spot. It isn't like Styles will disappear, but he will be overshadowed. Rollins is the best in the world.

The problem is, WWE have been creating tremendous content with Styles. But all that will now be lost as Rollins takes the lion's share of wrestling allocation.

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