10 Big WWE Returns That Could Happen In 2021

WWE love itself a nostalgia return, so put your money on these names showing up in 2021.


Professional wrestling is obsessed with returning stars. Is any other industry in the world as preoccupied with stars of the past? Saying that, this applies to WWE more than most. NJPW isn't putting Hiroyoshi Tenzan over The Great O-Khan anytime soon, after all. Oh lord, take a moment to think about NJPW booked by the WWE creative team.

Anyway, back to returns. WWE has painted itself into a corner over the years by putting all of its eggs in the returns basket, shining a brighter light on nostalgia and memory than planning and what is to come. 2020 has been a little different because of the whole coronavirus thing, but don't expect WWE to become another example of the 'new normal'. Once it is possible, nostalgia returns will, erm, return.

Not all returns are exercises in sentimentality though. There are many names who could come back to the company and provide great legitimate value, either in years of competition or in giving that mythical rub to new stars. WWE returns don't just have to be about nostalgia pops and celebrating the past over the future.

There are plenty of men and women who should return to WWE in 2021. These 10 are the most likely to happen.

10. Kane


The more you think about it, the more you realise just how right Glenn Jacobs got it. He had a rough start as a dentist and then as a fake Kevin Nash, but there was no turning back once he stumbled onto the goldmine that was 'vengeful younger brother presumed dead in a massive fire'. Kane went on to become one of modern wrestling's most iconic characters, a major part of wrestling's most lucrative era and a shockingly good wrestler when he wanted to be. If you don't believe that, go back and watch 2001 Kane.

Kane has also largely put the right foot forward in his latter years. Unlike many of his more celebrated contemporaries, the Big Red Machine hasn't bored his fans senseless with return after return after return. He took a backseat, putting new stars over and slowly fading into the background, moving into politics without the need for a big retirement ceremony.

He returns to the ring now and then, largely for comedy segments and nostalgia pops. Is Kane going to demand a Universal Championship shot in order to return? Of course not. Is he likely to return and try to regain the 24/7 Championship? Almost certainly.

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