10 Big WWE Reveals Nobody Honestly Cared About

"Anything can happen in WWE", but that doesn't mean anyone actually cares.

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When Vince McMahon first uttered the words "Anything can happen in the WWE", he created a legitimate sense of wonder in his audience. Little did we know that what he meant by that was "literally anything can and will happen because sometimes he couldn't be bothered to see a story through to conclusion with any real logic". But that probably wasn't as catchy a slogan.

Over the years WWE has come up with some pretty exciting storylines, many of which had incredible payoffs. Unfortunately for every great reveal there are at least 2 horrible ones, stories so poorly executed that it makes you wonder how McMahon and co. ever became so successful in the first place.

Whether it's plain old bad writing, or Vince pulling the rug on a good idea at the last minute, there are tons of reasons why these big ideas have ended up as even bigger bombs, and yet despite facing tons of criticism on an almost weekly basis, the company continues to make them.

But on a scale of Kevin Nash texting himself to Stephanie McMahon "buying" ECW, what were the very worst reveals in WWE's history? Read on to find out just which were the absolute worst and why nobody gave a hoot about them.

10. Bray Wyatt In Drag

Hornswoggle WWE

Bray Wyatt is a man of many faces. But before the so-called 'Eater of Worlds' was running around dressed in a scary mask as The Fiend, he was also showing up on Monday Night Raw dressed in drag, claiming to be Sister Abigail.

This bizarre turn of events occurred on the October 2nd, 2017 edition of Raw during his hotly anticipated feud with Finn Bálor. To counteract Bálor's demonic alter-ego, Wyatt promised to finally bring his spiritual mother figure back from the dead, claiming to Finn that she was "dying to meet you".

The off-screen identity of the Abigail character had been debated ever since the Wyatt character had emerged in 2012, but no one would have ever expected that 'she' would actually turn out to be Bray in drag.

Perhaps mercifully, the Bálor/Abigail face-to-face confrontation never ended up happening as their TLC PPV match was cancelled when Wyatt caught a bug, allowing WWE to quickly gloss over the bizarre reveal and bury Sister Abigail before she helped bury Bray further.

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