10 Biggest "Jannettys" In Wrestling History

9. Faarooq/Ron Simmons - The APA

Marty Jannetty

Simmons’s inclusion on this list is cheating a little bit, because to be a Jannetty you have to have an underwhelming singles career after a team split. Ron had no singles career at all after the APA split up in April 2004 because he immediately retired. Simmons would go on to become a WWE Hall of Famer, mainly for his career in WCW where he became the first African-American World Heavyweight Champion. He also got a minor curse word over with the fans in sporadic backstage appearances.

Simmons appears on this list mainly because of what happened to his partner after the team split up. Bradshaw got repackaged as JBL, and within two months became WWE Champion. JBL held the belt for 10 months, was a major fixture of the upper midcard for years after his title run, and has enjoyed a nice second run as a color commentator. Bradshaw’s success warrants Simmons’s inclusion on this list.


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