10 Biggest Fakeouts In WWE History

The Great Pretenders.

On the January 8th 2020 edition of AEW Dynamite, Jon Moxley appeared to join Chris Jericho's Inner Circle group before smashing a glass bottle over 'LeChampion's head to reveal that he was instead gunning for his Heavyweight Championship.

There was nothing inherently wrong with the skit - Jericho's comedy carries everything and Moxley hasn't yet been neutered in the way Dean Ambrose was - but the dreaded problem of predictability went some way to sucking the fun out of it all.

With a pay-per-view forthcoming, All Elite Wrestling have teased Moxley challenging Jericho for his gold for weeks, and made use of this segment to confirm the inevitable. Unfortunately, the inevitability of the turn took some of the drama out and there was very little an otherwise adequate segment could do about it.

Admirable in its industry, there exists great precedent for segments just like this going down a storm. Managing to find both shock and surprise in a live crowd escapes through the screen and into the senses of the television viewer.

When a fakeout goes well, the visceral reaction is 100% real...

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