10 Biggest Holy Sh*t Moments From WWE Hall Of Fame 2020 & 2021

Why Vince McMahon would be p*ssed at Ozzy; WWE diss Daniel Bryan at the Hall Of Fame.

The Bella Twins Daniel Bryan WWE Hall Of Fame

WWE's decision to combine the 2020 and 2021 Hall Of Fame ceremonies was always going to feel weird.

The company did their best with the event, but it was knackered from the off by virtue of the fact that there were zero fans in attendance. Each inductee got the video package treatment too - those highlight reels replaced friends or colleagues who normally introduce them onto the stage pre-speech.

It was what it was. Anyone comparing this favourably to past events would be fooling themselves, but WWE cannot be blamed for at least trying to pretend everything is normal. Besides, this will hopefully be the only year an empty HOF show happens. Fingers crossed on that one!

The good news? Those dual 2020/2021 inductions still provided tons to talk about, and there were actually loads of holy sh*t moments for those who cared to tune in. This article brings together the best of them.

Want to know why Vince McMahon would be p*ssed off afterwards, or why Hulk Hogan agreed to join the nWo when Eric Bischoff approached him with the idea? This collection of eyebrow-raisers has you covered.

10. Ozzy Thanks Vince

The Bella Twins Daniel Bryan WWE Hall Of Fame

First, it's time for some Vinnie Mac rage.

McMahon famously dislikes it when people focus on him during their Hall Of Fame speeches. Bruce Prichard has mentioned that little nugget of info several times on his podcast, and there's something totally hilarious about it; picture Vince, seething with anger because somebody put him over.

This year, it was Ozzy Osbourne who snuck some McMahon love into his brief acceptance promo. The 'Prince Of Darkness' outright said that he wanted to thank both Vince and Triple H for always welcoming him into the WWE mix. Somewhere, the Vin-man was probably shaking his fists at the screen, or biting the head off...a bat-shaped protein bar? Maybe.

There's something marvellous about the fact that Ozzy was able to tick the boss off in just 30 seconds too - that takes some skill. Obviously, nobody knows for sure if McMahon was mad at the rocker's speech, but it seems likely. Someone needs to ask Prichard.


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