10 Biggest Mistakes WWE Creative Made In 2014

10. The Bellas Feud Is Mishandled

The Bella Twins were virtually inseparable from the moment they debuted in WWE. Nikki and Brie were basically two supermodels used to keep the Raw guest host company while also selling merchandise to the fans. However they transitioned from being personalities to being workers in the ring and since their return to the company, they have practically taken over the Divas division. However all of that came to an end back in August, when Nikki betrayed Brie at SummerSlam. Cracking after years of supposed torture at Brie's hands, Nikki declared her independence from her sister. Despite Jerry Lawler's best efforts to reunite them on Monday Night Raw, Nikki and Brie came to blows as the family feud ensued. When Nikki uttered the now infamous "I wish you had died in the womb," fans knew they were seeing the genesis of a rivalry that could very well last throughout the rest of 2014. Of course, that did not happen as now both sisters seem to once again be on the same page. All of the animosity is gone, all of the hate has disappeared and no matter how hot the feud could have been, the truth is it was all for nothing. The Bellas have inexplicably mended their fences and now fans are left wondering what happened.
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