10 Biggest Problems Facing WWE Right Now

What are the biggest problems facing WWE, and how does Vince McMahon fix them?

Shinsuke Nakamura Intercontinental Champion

Throughout the course of its history, WWE has surely had its good times and bad. From the peaks of The Attitude Era to the valleys of the PG Era, Vince McMahon often leaves his fans stuck on a roller coaster of emotions.

Even when WWE is at its absolute best, there will still be fans who look to point out all of their flaws. Whether it be an overrated wrestler, poor storyline, or underwhelming match, one of the longest pastimes in professional wrestling is fans talking about the negatives over the positives. Nobody is claiming that WWE is at its peak right now, as their are a multitude of issues plaguing the largest wrestling company on the planet.

Each week, there seems to be something new to add to fans list of growing concerns with WWE, with no end in sight. Here at the 10 biggest problems facing WWE right now.

10. All Elite Wrestling

Shinsuke Nakamura Intercontinental Champion

For the wrestling industry as a whole, having AEW as legitimate competition to WWE is a good thing. For Vince McMahon, nothing good has come from the creation of All Elite Wrestling. Many of the points in this list are amplified by the direct competition AEW brings. Wrestlers letting their contracts expire, declining television ratings and the overhaul of NXT can all be attributed to the creation of AEW.

As the two biggest wrestling companies in the world, there are always going to be comparisons between the pair. While WWE seemingly has an endless list of complaints from fans, AEW seems to make the right decisions at the perfect time. They have also done an excellent job on focusing on the future of the brand while WWE relies on aging part-time stars. Each championship means something in AEW, while WWE has many of their title holders floundering. Additionally, in a much more real world example, Tony Khan and Co. have struck partnerships with the family of Owen Hart, victims of gun violence, and many other social justice campaigns, while WWE is gearing up yet again to present its product in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Thanks to WWE's television deals, partnership with Saudi Arabia, and corporate structure, Vince McMahon is not in any danger of losing his beloved company. However, if WWE does not fix their issues soon, it could once again be the beginning of the end for WWE.


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