10 Biggest Storyline Mysteries Of The WWE PG Era

Counting down the top 10 storyline mysteries of the WWE PG Era.

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It seems quite common for WWE to change direction with their programming. This change of direction can take many forms. It can include a change in the top guy on the show, which results in a new WWE or Universal Champion. Or it can take the form of dropping a storyline completely with no explanation or context offered to the fans.

This style of booking was extremely prominent during WWE's Attitude Era, with storylines such as "who raised the briefcase at the 1999 King of the Ring?" and "who was behind GTV??" two of the most obvious examples.

Unfortunately, the trend of leaving storylines opened ended, and thus leaving fans with lasting questions in relation to how they were supposed to play out, has continued throughout the past 12 years of WWE's PG product.

There's never really an advantage to leaving a storyline open-ended. Even if the angle in question is being met with negative reviews from fans, it's best to resolve it, and answer any pending questions that it presented to the audience. Leaving unanswered questions in storylines shows weak writing and a clear lack of direction. It simply makes it appear like WWE didn't have any long term booking plans.

With that being said, here are 10 storyline mysteries of the WWE PG era.

10. What Was Goldust's SummerSlam "Masterpiece"?

Nexus II

In early 2016, Goldust was paired with fellow WWE veteran R-Truth. The two men formed The Golden Truth and whilst the duo never featured that much on TV or have a reign with the Tag Team titles, they did have some notable segments on WWE programming.

The team's existence was mainly to put over tandems such as Breezango and The Bar; to their credit - they did a great job at this, as the fans loved the duo whenever they got TV time.

The duo were together for almost two years, which in WWE is a long time for a newly formed team. Their break up came in the form of Goldust attacking Truth following a loss on RAW to Anderson and Gallows.

Fans were excited about the potential of a heel Goldust as it was the first time that he had been a heel as a singles star in almost ten years. The turn started extremely well, as WWE aired promos featuring Goldust in a director's chair telling the audience that "the Golden Age is back". These promos were a nostalgic throwback to the Goldust that debuted in 1995 and fans were excited to see what followed.

Weeks before SummerSlam 2017, during Goldust's promos, he promised that he was going to unveil his "latest masterpiece" at the PPV event, in front of the entire world. This was an interesting concept. Could it be a new debut? Could Goldust be getting a manager? Could Goldust be going after a top guy?

However, SummerSlam came and went and Goldust didn't appear on the show in any capacity. A month later, the heel turn was completely dropped as Goldust entered into a brief feud with Bray Wyatt. Ultimately, we never found out what the SummerSlam "masterpiece" was supposed to be.


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