10 Biggest Things WWE Stole From WCW

Aren't geniuses supposed to come up with their own ideas?


The Monday Night Wars have gone down as one of the most famous stories in all of professional wrestling... and no one even had to write it. Instead of a booked angle, wrestling fans of the late '90s watched this feud between the WWF and WCW transpire on a weekly basis.

Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff both did awful things in an attempt to get ahead of each other. While Bischoff was well known for holding young talent down in favor of the veterans, McMahon was perhaps even more well known for copying the best WCW had to offer.

Vince is often cited as a business genius, and while that may be true, it wasn't always because WWF had the brightest ideas. Sometimes they just knew how to use their opponent's product to their advantage.

While it was a cheap tactic, it's pretty undeniable that Vince proved himself to be the better promoter during this time. Stealing your ideas may not be the respectable way to win a war, but when you can see exactly what's working and what's failing on your opponent's side, why not take advantage?

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