10 Biggest Unsung Heroes Of WWE's Current Era

The Empty Arena Era has taken a toll, but these men and women have shined regardless.

WWE's Empty Arena is strange. WrestleMania playing out in an empty gym with no one in attendance, the Stone Cold Stunner happening to eerie silence, the prevalence of warped cinematic matches, and ThunderDome; all of these things are nuts, but real.

It’s been a rough time for WWE, as it has been for everyone during this pandemic. They’ve had to deal with several outbreaks, adjusting to making wrestling work with no fans in attendance, and they controversially let go numerous employees back in April.

The stories are often harder to get invested in, the shows are difficult to watch, the atmosphere just doesn’t feel right most of the time and instead of being an escape, wrestling over the last few months has been a reminder of what’s changed in our current era.

But even in times of darkness, there are figures that remind us why wrestling is so special, even with all the cursed things going on all around it. While there have been widely acclaimed performers like Drew McIntyre, Roman Reigns and Asuka, this list will celebrate the figures that either the creative team or the fans haven’t truly recognised as some of the most valuable workers right now...

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