10 Biggest "What If" Scenarios In WWE History

With a few small changes, WWE would be in a vastly different place.


More than any other sport, professional wrestling is defined by individual moments. Great matches and storylines are important, but it’s incidents like Hogan slamming Andre at WrestleMania and Stone Cold turning heel in Texas that endure in the memory and keep the sport rolling.

Wrestling history is a series of iconic moments sewn together by an ensemble cast, and for better or worse, WWE’s long-term fortunes are held in-place by their most iconic flashpoints. Things could have turned out oh-so-differently with even the slightest tweak, however, and had these moments not transpired as they did, wrestling would be unrecognisable in 2016.

Dealing with hypotheticals is always tricky. The tiniest difference can often set forth an unpredictable chain of events that can change a timeline immeasurably. Still, there are a number of historical WWE moments that stand-out as pivotal in the company’s development, and the company stand as an industry-dominating monopoly because of them.

But what if things were different? What if the set of circumstances that brought WWE to this point hadn’t gone the way they did? What if certain superstars didn’t climb the ranks, and the McMahons were never able to run their competitors out of business? What if WWE had chosen to go down a different route with their biggest moments?

From seemingly minor details with far-reaching consequences to some of wrestling’s most famous moments, here are the 10 biggest “what if?” scenarios in WWE history.


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