10 Biggest Wrestlers Not Signed To WWE Or AEW

Ooooh, what a Rush!


The (sigh) 'second wrestling war' is in full swing, and the battle lines have long been drawn. The cream of the proverbial cup of cocoa has been lapped up by each of the monied belligerents, and just about anybody who is anybody in the business finds themselves on either side of theatre of combat.

With some exceptions. There still remains a veritable No Man's Land belonging to neither the McMahon men or the AEW army, housing an array of potentially decisive would-be soldiers, currently plying their trade for a range of private paramilitaries.

This, for the sake of clarity - and for the sake of putting this over-extended metaphor out of its misery - does not apply to New Japan Pro Wrestling. In spite of their attempts to expand into the USA, they are fighting fit on their own front. Their talent doesn't belong on this list.

But who are the other top stars around the world today, not signed to either of the 'Big Two', who could add extra ammunition to their already considerable arsenals? And what are the chances we'll see them conscripted to Stamford or Jacksonville some time soon?

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