10 Biggest Wrestling Belt Controversies

Im-prop-er conduct.

Bobby Heenan WCW Belt
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There are three types of wrestling fan.

Some fawn over championship belt designs, and spend hours debating whether or not promotions did the title proud with their latest overhaul. Others couldn't give a flying toss about how the belts actually look - those people view them as trinkets. They're props, nothing more, and they're not nearly as important as properly-booked characters or storylines.

Then, there are those who crave everything. Those people want smartly-designed belts, the right wrestlers to carry them, solid feuds and respect across the board from all and sundry for the prizes that keep the product ticking. If you fall into the latter category, then you might want to have a word with some of the people making up this list.

There's no room for Hulk Hogan saving Bret Hart at WrestleMania IX (thus kicking off yet another 'Hulkamania' title run), or even for David Arquette winning WCW's belt in 2000. Those were kayfabe moments, ones that lack the kind of reality focused on here.

These are the biggest wrestling belt controversies ever, and they were very much real...

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