10 Biggest WWE Attitude Era Controversies

Domestic abuse, sexual harassment, deaths and nudity, the 'Attitude Era' had it all...

WWE have stated a number of different starting points for the 'Attitude Era', including both the King Of The Ring 1996 event and WrestleMania XIV. On both occasions, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin was involved, winning the tournament and coining his 'Austin 3:16' catchphrase at the former, and capturing his first WWF Heavyweight Title at the latter. Given that the company first introduced the 'WWF Attitude' branding and logo at the 1997 Survivor Series event, that show will be used as the starting point of the 'Attitude Era' for the purpose of this article. This period extends right up until the company re-branded as WWE in May, 2002, due to ongoing legal pressure from the World Wildlife Fund. Many fans like to stretch and play with the guidelines for exactly what falls under the banner of the controversial era, but few can contend the fact that it was one of the most creatively exciting times to be a pro wrestling fan. WCW were trying their best to dominate the industry, and had actually superseded the WWF as the industry leader, but that would all start to change once Vince McMahon embraced 'Attitude'. The era was well-named, and all of these moments (for better or worse) sum up that incendiary time, when the then-WWF would do anything they could think of to lead the ongoing ratings war with World Championship Wrestling.


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