10 Biggest WWE Attitude Era Controversies

10. The Big Boss Man Mocks Big Show's Dead Father

It may seem like a controversial statement, but during his first few years in the promotion, Paul Wight - otherwise known as The Big Show - was not a crucial member of the WWF roster. In fact, even after Vince McMahon stated that he'd show WCW how to book a giant properly, the WWF proceeded to book Wight in a worse fashion than WCW ever had during his time there as The Giant. As if any words were required to go with the picture that accompanies this entry, Big Show went from dominating powerhouse in February, 1999, to short-lived WWF Heavyweight Champion hitching a ride on the coffin of his daddy towards the end of the year. During an ill-fated feud against The Big Boss Man, Show and the WWF courted controversy by including a story arc which revolved around Boss Man mocking Show's deceased father. The idea was that The Big Boss Man would come across as wholly cruel for bringing something like this into proceedings, but it fell largely flat, and fans seemed to feel pretty uncomfortable with the whole deal. A brief match at the Armageddon Pay-Per-View in December did nothing for either man, and Show would drop the WWF Title to Triple H just a few short weeks later.

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