10 Biggest WWE Creative Mistakes Of 2019

Cutting the balls off 'The Man' and making her a lovestruck teenager...

2019 marked the first year since TNA's brief flurry in 2010 that WWE had genuine in-industry competition for one of its TV properties. AEW's rise, the advent of Dynamite and this new 'Wednesday Night War' with NXT should (fans hope) stir Vince McMahon into action and make WWE realise that coasting won't cut it any longer.

Financially, things are healthy. Company coffers are bursting, and that perhaps makes a mockery of fans on social media who claim that WWE's creative output has never been worse. It has, obviously, but complaints are valid because WWE are still making some ancient, infuriating mistakes they should've learned from and shooting their load for the sake of filling a segment when they should be smartly showing some restraint.

Creatively, 2019 has been ye olde mixed bag.

WWE is a knee-jerk world behind the scenes despite how organised things may appear on the surface to casual viewers. Those who hyper-analyse programming every week will see that WWE's retrograde approach to booking is far from healthy. There's been horror show stuff between January-December.

These are the biggest creative missteps of the year...


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