10 Bingeworthy Series To Watch On WWE Network

With hours of content on the WWE Network to help pass the time, it's time to Network and chill.

WWE Network

In the current global climate, it is very possible that you will have a lot of spare time on your hands in the coming weeks and months. You will be stuck indoors, growing tired of your loved ones and desperately seeking a way to escape from the petty arguments and avoid yet another game of Scrabble.

Luckily for wrestling fans with a subscription to the WWE Network, there is a colossal amount of content to get through to help pass the time. But with so much on offer, what should you choose to watch?

Network subscribers are spoilt for choice with access to thousands of hours of wrestling in the WWE library. You can literally choose from any pay-per-view WWE has ever produced. But for every WrestleMania X-Seven, there is a Capitol Punishment. For every classic ladder match, there is a ‘Kennel From Hell’ travesty.

An area where WWE have consistently thrived is in their documentaries. A number of well-produced and insightful documentary series are there to entertain you and help make the hours fly by. These, then, are the best ones to binge on.


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