10 Bingeworthy Series To Watch On WWE Network

10. WWE Story Time

WWE Network

‘Story Time’ is a light-hearted look at some of the most unbelievable and hilarious tales from life on the road as a professional wrestler. The stories are told by a cast of wrestling legends and current WWE stars and all brought to life in this animated series.

From the embarrassing to the downright bizarre, the tales of what wrestlers get up to in order to pass the time is sure to keep you entertained. A collection of infamous ‘ribs’ are told by the people who experienced them and are finally played out on screen in cartoon form.

The numerous tales of Jake Roberts’ snake, Damien, wreaking havoc backstage and stories of the legendary Andre The Giant help show a human side to these larger than life characters we are used to seeing perform on our screens.

The last episode aired in 2018 and it is unknown whether the series will return. If it does, it will unfortunately be without the late ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund, who helped bring the stories to life with his colourful narration.


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