10 Most Blatantly Obvious Blade Jobs In Wrestling History

Because what's more fun than watching grown men jam razor blades into their heads?

Blading is a common practice in professional wrestling and is as old as the industry itself. For those unfamiliar with the term, it's fairly straightforward. Blading is when a performer uses a small razor blade to cut his own forehead just below the hairline. This usually occurs just before or after a blow to the head, while the performer is off-camera or otherwise obstructed from the audience, and gives the appearance the performer has been busted open by his opponent. When done right, blading can add to the story of a match, turning a good match into a great one, or making a memorable match unforgettable. How wrestlers conceal the razor until the actual blading occurs is a matter of preference. Some tape the blade to their body while others choose to actually hide it in their gums, waiting for the right moment to spit it out, and others choose to take it from the referee. However they choose to conceal the blade, the goal remains the same: to cut themselves in a way that will result in optimal blood flow without the audience seeing it. Considering the fact that wrestling takes place in front of a live audience of thousands with millions more watching at home, this is much easier said than done. Yet a majority of blade jobs go virtually unnoticed by the audience. That being said, there are some that were just too obvious to miss.

Honorable Mention: John Cena

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FU3Xm5sDj0 John Cena doesn't actually blade in this match so he can't be put on the list. But dropping the razor in plain view of the camera certainly merits an honorable mention.

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