10 Bold Predictions For WWE Draft

With Friday Night SmackDown on Fox starting a new WWE Draft, what big surprises are in store?


The WWE Draft is not a new idea by any means. The last iteration was only back in April, but this is more a reinvention of sorts for the concept, no longer a "Superstar Shakeup" and with a clear focus on a "real sports" feel due to Fox's draft coverage.

But beyond those two changes (and the ones they inevitably bring with Fox), we can still expect a lot of similarities to the staggering thirteen other examples of the concept. And top of the list is the big surprise moment.

One needs not look any further than the 2008 WWE Draft where even Jim Ross himself maintains he was shocked to swap brands with Michael Cole after around 12 years as the voice of Raw. While that may be one of the more extreme examples of what can happen, it shows how desperate they can get to pull a rabbit out of the hat in these circumstances.

Don't let the bright lights of the Fox-funded presentation fool you; change was necessitated by their own booking throughout the year. But regardless of how we got here, just like Vince McMahon once said:

It's time to shake things up around here!


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