10 Booking Steps For Becky Lynch Up To WWE WrestleMania 37

Reigniting the ‘straight fire’ back into ‘The Man’


In August 2018, ‘The Man’ was born and you could sense that WWE had a major star in the palm of their hands. That is until a year and a half later. Through WWE’s controversial booking, ‘The Man’ is just another star in WWE’s long list of ‘what-if’s’.

When Becky Lynch broke out of the shadow of Charlotte Flair and into the face of the women’s division, the WWE universe, along with WWE themselves, could sense that something was changing. Deafening reactions, bad-ass promos and a fist into the nose – creating one of WWE’s most iconic moments in recent history – skyrocketed Lynch into superstardom and into the first ever women’s main event of WrestleMania.

However, since WrestleMania last year, Becky has been on the bad side of WWE’s creative. Weak feuds against the likes of Lacey Evans, Baron Corbin and Natalya to name a few, have somewhat derailed the popularity of ‘The Man’. It’s not that these opponents are not good, but it’s the fact that WWE simply did not know how to book them against Lynch. Becky has struggled since her feud with Ronda Rousey and now her matches and character are starting to feel stale and lacklustre.

Becky Lynch is and should be WWE’s next mega superstar, and assuming the PPV calendar is the same throughout the year, this is how WWE should go about accomplishing that. With that said, ‘The Man’ has come around to collect her debt on WWE creative.


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