10 Booking Steps For The Shield's 2017 Reunion

Ambrose and Rollins look to be back together! (For the time being...)


This week's Monday Night Raw saw the apparent reunion of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, an event which has predictably sent the internet all aquiver. It seems as though the possibility of a Shield reunion has been talked about since Rollins first blindsided Roman Reigns with that steel chair, a storyline which unbelievably took place over three years ago.

Since then, we've seen several teases of a reunion of the trio - most notably at last year's Survivor Series, when despite being on different teams, Rollins and Reigns teamed up with Ambrose to slam AJ Styles through the announce table.

However, on this week's edition of Monday Night Raw, we may have seen the real thing - or at least two-thirds of the real thing. Ambrose and Rollins finally gave the old Shield fist bump after weeks of teasing, and were immediately booked into a tag title match by Kurt Angle this Sunday.

The possibilities from here seem numerous. How long will the partnership last? Will one turn on the other? Will Roman Reigns get involved?

Here, we're going to attempt to book a compelling Shield reunion angle - stretching from this Sunday's SummerSlam PPV to WrestleMania 34, and beyond.

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