10 Booking Steps For WWE SmackDown

Throwing Fox into the big blue henhouse.

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As I have repeatedly, arrogantly said on pretty much every single news video I've ever filmed for this company, it's really, really easy to book WWE. #itseasytobookwwe

You've got all the toys in the box, all the money in the world, five hours of TV time, and a global audience who will always, always give you a second chance. Yet somehow the weekly product has been booked so underwhelmingly that they've lost literally millions of viewers over the last few years. Thankfully though, all it takes is one journalist on a wrestling website to put it all right. I assume.

So, with SmackDown entering a brave new dawn of televised infamy with their upcoming move to Fox, what pieces need to be put into place? Who needs air-time and who needs to be stuffed into a big box labelled 'developmental' and sent back to Florida by post? Plus, in this age of quasi-kayfabe, reality-TV, network-bait and social-fuelled sports entertainment, how do you make everyone at home care?

Easy, look...

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