10 Boring WWE Feuds That Dragged On WAY Too Long

Which rivalries really outstayed their welcome?

Long term storytelling seems to be something that has been lost in current WWE. NXT has some control over the art, but the main roster product struggles to keep things interesting beyond a couple of weeks. A lot of current rivalries feature repetitive matches over and over again.

We've seen the likes of Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio engage in a feud that seems to be never ending, with stipulation after stipulation getting added to artificially extended the programme. This is purely for exposure, so that superstars can be on the show every week. However, the story should service the characters, not the other way around.

While there have been some very good long term storylines in recent years, such as Kofi Kingston's quest for the WWE Championship and even the debut of The Fiend, there are so many WWE feuds that outstay their welcome. It seems Vince McMahon has no concept of time and simply puts stories on the screen with idea of how they fit into the larger picture.

This has been a constant in WWE programming, but especially in this modern era. While certain stories are beginning to take flight, others are dragging the shows down. This is one of the key issues which makes the product as a whole feel like such a slog


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