10 Brand New WWE Feuds For Heel Bayley

10. Becky Lynch


Bayley didn't "take her ball and go home" like her partner after the catastrophic WrestleMania Fatal Four Way Tag Team Championship, but it's been forgotten under the haze of her modest post-Money In The Bank success how she too was taken for granted just as the much-maligned 'Boss' at the 'Show Of Shows'.

Unlike fellow Horsewomen Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, Bayley was nowhere near the monied main event, nor particularly in the crosshairs of the bookers following the damaging defeat to The IIconics on the 'Grandest Stage'.

As Banks rapidly disappeared from view, Bayley looked at the lights for Alexa Bliss on the post-WrestleMania Raw. Only a surprise cash-in attempt just hours removed from winning her golden ticket back in May kept 'The Hugger's year from falling off a cliff as 'Becky Two Belts' continued to headline shows even without the blue brand's title.

Far from just serving loyally as Banks' bestie, Bayley's own frustration with Becky could be just as fertile, not least if she aids her partner during her Clash Of Champions showdown with the Raw titleholder.

But that singles issue might have to wait until all lingering dispute between Lynch and Banks has occurred. In the meantime...

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