10 Brilliant Tweaks That Suddenly Made Wrestlers Cool As F***

These wrestlers went from kind of lame to pretty f***ing cool after one awesome tweak.

Gunns AEW

The wrestling business is all about evolving.

If a performer, or the folks booking the action, aren't wise enough to move with the times, there's a solid chance they'll be left behind. Or worse, be made to look rather lame.

And in the case of the following stars who bump for a living, there was a time when it looked like their characters, styles, or general presentation had grown so stale, all hope of them ever being seen as a genuinely compelling element in the industry again appeared to be lost.

Sometimes, though, all it takes is a fresh look, awesome new entrance, or subtle change of attitude to turn a once dorky, dull, or dumb gimmick into one of the coolest on the planet. In fact, were it not for the following little tweaks and adjustments, there's a good chance one of the most popular chants and its current biggest attraction wouldn't have been born at all.

But this lot were all smart enough to realise a little change-up was long overdue, and it was those various minor upgrades that helped transform them into some of the coolest workers in the game.

10. Seth Rollins' New Tune Leads To A Surge In Popularity

Gunns AEW

While there's no denying that the first World Heavyweight Champion of the current WWE era is one of the most talented performers on the roster - and has been for a decade now - his character hasn't always fully connected with those watching on.

Sure, everyone appreciated his typically superb work in-between the ropes, but everything from his 'Architect' to the 'Monday Night Messiah' schtick never managed to really take the star to the next level in terms of audience reaction.

Back at WrestleMania 37, though, Rollins debuted a new piece of entrance music that would ultimately help elevate him to the rank of one of the most over figures WWE had to offer.

On top of slowly turning up the volume on his already increasingly outrageous outfits during the next 'Visionary' step in his character evolution, the crowd suddenly deciding to get in on the 'WOAH's present in that updated tune unexpectedly combined to create magic as Seth went from cackling annoyance to one of the coolest/bizarrest acts in town.

Your mileage may vary on the flashy hero's silly get-ups and insistence on leaning into the deafening singing more and more each week, of course. But on the whole, the evidence of Rollins' tune helping gradually take him from reliable main eventer to one of the most popular lads in the business is there for all to hear.


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