10 British Wrestlers WWE Should Sign

Who are the next generation of Brits who could become stars in the US?

Once upon a time, the only British stars known in the United States were The British Bulldog and William Regal. The chance to make a name for yourself in the biggest market of them all seemed very limited, and world class British wrestlers instead made it their ambition to travel the world and wrestle full time across the globe, stopping off in Japan, Canada, South Africa and Germany. But times have changed. The world has opened up and the internet means that a British match could be watched by a fan located anywhere in the world. In recent years, the WWE has recruited a number of British talents. Some have flourished, while others have returned home. Right now, Paige is one of the most talked about Divas in the world, featuring on Total Divas, Tough Enough, Steve Austin€™s podcast as well as being a regular on Raw and pay-per-views. Sheamus, an Irish competitor who developed his craft in the UK, has been world champion. Wade Barratt won the revived King of the Ring tournament this year and has headlined pay-per-views. After winning the NXT title, Neville has graduated to the main roster where he has become a regular competitor who is turning heads and dropping jaws around the world. In NXT, former professional football goalkeeper Stuart Tomlinson has made the switch to wrestling under the name of Hugo Knox. Plus, of course, British wrestling veteran Robbie Brookside is one of the main trainers at the WWE Performance Centre. So with these competitors paving the way to inspire their compatriots, who are the top British stars who could soon be making a similar impression in the biggest wrestling company in the world?

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Dean Ayass is a well known name to British wrestling fans. A commentator, manager, booker and ring announcer who has been involved in the business since 1993, Dean's insight into the business is second to none.