10 British Wrestlers WWE Should Sign

10. The Hooligans

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBSCbX7v-gg The Hooligans are the tag team of brothers Roy and Zak Knight. Based out of Norwich, they compete for their family€™s promotion WAW as well as many others around the country. Both started wrestling at a very early age (Roy at 13 and Zak at 10!), and so they already have a combined experience of 34 years! They have previously had WWE tryouts and will be familiar to WWE officials for very good reason. The Knight family already have one member of the clan in the WWE as it is. That€™s right, these two gentlemen are the brothers of Paige. With Paige€™s involvement in Total Divas and a current storyline of being isolated without an ally, and a UK tour and TV tapings coming next month, there is a natural opening for bringing these two into the company. Hugely talented in their own right, they are very versatile. Roy possesses one of the best looking top rope elbow drops this side of the Macho Man, Zak is intensity personified with an ability to get a crowd to either love him or hate him within minutes, and being brothers, they have a natural chemistry together. Very capable of some smooth British technical wrestling, they are also known across the UK for tearing places down with building-wide brawls. However they are presented, these two are always value for money.
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