10 Cancelled WWE Shows

Who put Demolition Ax in charge of programming?


When WWE's post SmackDown roundtable discussion show Talking Smack first debuted, few amongst us expected we'd be angrily mourning its inevitable demise. With the company's programming already as saturated as the sheets of a bed-wetting mermaid (and this before the iffy 'advent' of 205 Live!), the last thing most of us had any desire to do was endure another hour of heavily-scripted pretend 'analysis'.

But then The Miz talked the smack out of Daniel Bryan. And things changed.

Suddenly, a show which seemed as necessary to the world as throw pillows was now the source of the hottest angle in WWE. Scripts were filed directly under the heading 'shredder', and stars could let their natural charisma do the work instead of Mail Merge. It was the closest thing to 'real' the product was allowed to be, a refreshing after-dinner mint to the SmackDown main course.

Why Vince McMahon has now decided to scrap Talking Smack, save for post-PPV shows, is a bit of a conundrum. It could be that it's too raw for him - but is he only just realising this now? Perhaps it's a cost-cutting measure? Just how much does a table and some blue chairs cost?

It's nothing new though; WWE have never been lenient with the axe. If something on TV isn't working in the eyes of the Almighty - whether rightly or wrongly - there's no reprieve from a one-way trip to Archivesville.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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