10 Clues The Undertaker Won't Retire At WWE WrestleMania 32

10. Surprise Summer And Autumn Dates

The shock return of The Undertaker at Battleground was the first clue that he isn't ready for the retirement home just yet. He went on to appear on Raw, before wrestling Brock Lesnar in a nineteen minute main event at SummerSlam. But his sudden active status won't stop there, he'll also be working WWE dates this October as part of the Mexico tour. Some had wondered if that could have been a farewell retirement tour, but look at the context of his recent storyline... there's no sentimentality about it. He's involved as an active character, as a border line heel. You have to look at The Undertaker's current involvement for what it is, his most active WWE run in half a decade. Far from looking like a guy slowing down towards retirement, he's instead looking like he's got a few more years in him.
WWE Writer

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