10 Common WWE Things You Won't See In AEW

With the Wednesday night wars about to begin, what can we expect to differentiate AEW?

Drake Maverick Renee Michelle

“Make sure to pick a side AEW or WWE and be unreasonably mean on the internet to anyone who’s not on your side it will make you feel good.”

Words the philosopher (read: wrestler) Trent Beretta once said. After all, it is now officially time to get ready for the Wednesday night wars.

But in order for us all to hate each other correctly, we need the products to be different first, right?

Both AEW and WWE will learn from each other and find what does and doesn’t work. Luckily for AEW, they have plenty more film on their competitor to study. And there is certainly some history that they will be looking not to repeat: Jinder Mahal, Gene Snitsky, Muhammed Hassan, Katie Vick, and Shane McMahon's recent push to name a few.

Regardless of what word association you have with "bad WWE moments", the point remains AEW have plenty to study. And there are some things the WWE does that just aren't a part of what Cody and company are looking to do with their brand of wrestling.

Just like Coke or Pepsi, the branding helps you feel forced to pick allegiance by being differentiated from one another. Even though cola is cola, people will always have their preference. And wrestling (or sports entertainment/performance art if you so choose) is wrestling, but the branding and differences will be key in making people choose.

And you do have to choose, after all.


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