10 Confusing Wrestling Moments That Nobody Understands

Bow down to the God of 'McMahonism'!

Vince Shane Church

Let€™s be clear on this: there are an awful lot of crap wrestling storylines and angles out there. If you were watching WCW in 2000, or TNA, well, ever, then you€™ve probably suffered enough in the name of professional wrestling, and I wouldn€™t want to add to it and cause you an episode or something.

So this article isn€™t about bad or anti-climactic storytelling, like streaks being broken by the wrong people or non-wrestlers being made World Champion. It€™s also not about stories that fizzled out, like limos exploding, anonymous general managers or the illegitimate children of a certain billionaire owner.

There€™s nothing on a pole in this article. There are no matches where the rules have been changed without telling anyone. Fundamentally, this isn€™t an article that exists to expose a mediocre lack of competence, in the ring, on the mic or in the book.

No, this article (and accompanying video above) celebrates the moments in wrestling that genuinely make no sense: that confused you then, confuse you now, and will probably confuse your children when they find your wrestling DVDs hidden in the basement with all those dead tourists, you naughty, naughty people.


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