10 Craziest Joe Rogan Post-MMA Fight Moments

9. Daniel Cormier At UFC 214 - DC Breaks Down

Interviewing a fighter after a defeat isn't what you'd call a fun job.

However, having to talk to a fighter who has just lost to their greatest rival for the second time in their career takes that difficult duty to a whole new level of awkward.

Daniel Cormier has always worn his heart on his sleeve and that much was clear during his shockingly emotional interview with Joe Rogan soon after he'd lost to Jon Jones again at UFC 214.

When asked by Rogan to give his thoughts on the fight and his rivalry with Jones, 'DC' looked as though he was about to burst into tears when he eventually replied by honestly saying 'I'm so disappointed' and 'If he wins both fights, there is no rivalry'.

Rogan openly admitted in the interview that it probably wasn't the best idea to speak to the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion so soon after being knocked unconscious by 'Bones'. Yet, if he hadn't, we probably would've been deprived of one of the most surreal post-fight conversations we'd ever seen after a UFC bout.

'DC' would eventually have his title returned to him after Jones was stripped due to failing a drug test and the bout was overturned to a no contest. Yet, his heartbreaking chat with Rogan, after what was then an official second loss to his arch nemesis, still sits as one of the most infamous post-fight breakdowns in the company's history.


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