10 Craziest Places Wrestlers Have Hit Their Finisher

A coffin drop in a gas station? GTS into the Gulf of Mexico? You better believe it.

Jeff Hardy

With the folks often found putting it all on the line in the pursuit of those precious pops regularly being responsible for finding increasingly innovative ways to add another level of danger and spectacle to their already explosive match-ender, nailing said crowd-igniting finisher - or a "super" version of it - within the confines of a squared circle was never going to be enough for this bunch.

Thanks to either a global pandemic forcing workers to brilliantly think outside the box, or a drink too many on some truly surreal occasions leading to an insane turn of events, the following collection of stars were able to execute their trusty signature manoeuvres in locations that don't immediately scream out "wrestling arena" to the average Joe.

That did not stop these wrestlers, mind, as they quickly turned everything from a casual bar to a seemingly harmless meet-and-greet into a cauldron of chaos, sealing the bizarre deal with an utterly unique finisher-unleashing for the ages.

From nailing a high-flying exclamation point in the middle of a damn gas station, to pulverising a rival with your favourite weapon in their supposed natural habitat, this lot took their finishing moves to the extreme and then some...

10. Hangman Page's Barside Buckshot Lariat

Jeff Hardy

Not for the last time on this list, one of the most uncertain and frightening periods in recent history offered up a beat of unexpected delight, with AEW chucking out a truly bananas and ultimately iconic bout that likely wouldn't have even entered the conversation had the world not been forced to stay at home throughout 2020.

And it was during Double or Nothing 2020's riveting The Elite (and Matt Hardy) vs. The Inner Circle Stadium Stampede that the folks involved opted to have the time of their damn lives whilst beating the p*ss out of one another within an empty football stadium.

Look no further than the glorious beat that saw future AEW World Champion Hangman Adam Page - post-legendary horseback arrival - absolutely nail Jake Hager with a bar (and Kenny Omega) assisted Buckshot Lariat in the heat of battle.

It may not have been the undisputed highlight of the greatest contest of its genre (that comes later), but this signing off of the bar-brawl section of the barmy action, followed by a milk and lager salute between the eventual bitter enemies, was up there with the best of times in the worst of them.


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