10 Craziest Places Wrestlers Have Hit Their Finisher

9. The Road Warriors' Doomsday Device In A Strip Club

Jeff Hardy

While many have taken to putting their own unique spin on the combination KO that is The Road Warrior's immortal Doomsday Device over the years, nothing quite matches the OG iteration in terms of sickening impact.

And with said finisher consisting of the team of Animal and Hawk hoisting up an unfortunate adversary on the former's shoulders before the latter takes their head off from the top-rope with a flying clothesline, you have to imagine that eating the move in a squared-circle would've entirely sucked.

Now factor in this body-breaking manoeuvre being executed without a ring rope or canvas in sight, and you have the entirely bizarre scenario former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon found himself in when Hulk Hogan requested for him to be hit with the finisher from the tag team icons during a rather p*ssed up trip to a strip club. As you do.

Hilariously, that wasn't the last tag team signature the boss would eat on the night, though, with a frustrated Jim Neidhart not being happy about The Road Warriors going easy on McMahon and, ultimately, along with Bret Hart, showing the duo how it was done in absolutely pulverising Vince with The Hart Foundation's Hart Attack there and then, too.


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