10 Crazy Facts You Just Have To Accept Before You Can Enjoy Wrestling

10. Referees Are Extremely Fragile

You would think that if your job was to stand between two angry muscular juggernauts and try to make them follow rules while they fight each other, then your job would also require you to be in great physical shape yourself. Or at least fit enough to take a slap or two. You would think since the referee is in the middle of all the action, that WWE would insist on training them to take bumps, or how to protect themselves in a very hazardous working environment. Nope! It doesn't take much to knock a referee out. An stray punch, kick, elbow, or accidental collision will keep a ref down for a good five minutes or more. Plenty of time for the bad guys to try some dirty tactics without getting disqualified. As the commentators are so quick to remind us, referees are not trained athletes. And we must accept it. Apparently WWE does not require referees to have any training or physical toughness. Does that mean I can become a referee?
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