10 Crazy Things You’ll Find On WWE Network (If You Search Deep Enough)

9. WWE Being Arrogant, Hilarious

Uncensored Bane

Zack Sabre, Jr. participated in the (superb) Cruiserweight Classic of 2016, which apparently compelled WWE to throw his name all over the 2017 Royal Rumble promotional material...despite him having not signed for the company.

Sabre, Jr. elected not to sign with WWE full-time, and offered this explanation to the official New Japan Pro Wrestling website:

"It would be like asking a musician, 'Why didn’t you sign with the biggest record label?' I’m just concerned with being the best professional wrestler I can be. It was really just a personal choice. This is my path."

There's no way of determining quite how this (very minor) botch, seen on the TakeOver: San Antonio pre-show occurred, but it would be very WWE of WWE to simply assume they'd bagged their man by virtue of being WWE. At the time, it compelled some into believing that they'd ruined a surprise, but in reality, Sabre, Jr. elected to progress his career in east.

The staunchly liberal performer with a distinctive style probably didn't fancy being told how to work by Michael Hayes.


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