10 Crazy Wrestler Truths We Just Learned

Do you know which wrestler once hilariously fell asleep in an interview with Vince McMahon?

Cody Rhodes is my favourite heel

Just when you thought you'd truly heard it all, the wrestling world consistently goes and throws a brand new, previously unknown truth your way that often seems too damn bizarre to be real.

Now sure, some wrestlers have been known to embellish ever so slightly from time. But when it comes to the following recently revealed pieces of information, due to them largely coming from the person involved themselves, it's safe to assume they are all as legit as a p*ssed off Brock Lesnar's right hand.

Have you ever wanted to know exactly how WWE's biggest current babyface really felt about their final run in their former company? Or found yourself wondering what years of performing at the highest of levels can do to a World Champion's body?

Well, wonder no longer because you have come to the right place.

Joining the never-ending list of absurd, strange, or just plain shocking truths that have only added to the barminess of this wrasslin' industry over the years, here are some more utterly odd and sometimes unbelievable wrestling facts that have only recently come to light.

10. Mark Henry Was Once Slapped By A Wrestling Fan

Cody Rhodes is my favourite heel

A fan choosing to put their hands on any person, wrestler or otherwise, without their consent is already hugely inappropriate.

However, opting to not only go out of your way to touch former Olympic weightlifter and World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry, but actually fully connect with a rather powerful slap on the gigantic man is just plain stupid.

But that's precisely what has gone down in the past, according to the Busted Open co-host.

When talking on a recent edition of the SiriusXM podcast (via Wrestling Inc.), the WWE Hall of Famer noted how, over the years, he has had to deal with folks hopping on his back for piggybacks, hitting him so hard it felt like they were looking for a fight, and folks poking and touching his stomach.

In fact, on one occasion, that last act almost resulted in him breaking a person's arm, only for Henry's wife to step in and talk him down.

And in the wake of Don Callis recently being attacked by a fan during the recent AAA TripleMania event, it's not hard to see why Henry feels it's now time to make sure something is done to protect wrestling personalities from dealing with this sort of unpleasant situation.

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