10 Current WWE Double-Acts That Must Never Split Up

Please let us have nice things...

Please let us have nice things!

It seems a prerequisite in this day and age of WWE that any pairing built on a solid foundation is destined to eventually get wrecked. The recent 2020 Draft did its damage in this regard, but it was far from an isolated incident. There have been a swathe of tag teams and double-acts recently cut short because creative decided a break-up story arc would be the next order of business.

Most of the time, it's just not necessary. By large, the break-up thing is kind of a tired trope, to be used only when the payoff is worth more than the matrimony that proceeded it. (case in point, Bayley and Sasha) It's better to see pairings reign supreme under strenuous conditions. It adds dimension, a sense of realism, and credibility.

Allow us, therefore, to celebrate the double-acts of WWE that are still in the safe zone, and make a heartfelt plea for them to stay that way. As a singles competitor is capable of carrying their persona for the long term, so can a pairing.

If they ain't broke, don't break them!


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