10 Current WWE Wrestlers Most Likely To Leave For AEW

Chris Jericho has been there since the start. PAC almost joined. Jon Moxley arrived. Who's next?


After Double Or Nothing, the main talking point for every professional wrestling fan was one man: Jon Moxley.

Formerly known as WWE's Dean Ambrose, Moxley arrived at the climax of the show, putting an end to Chris Jericho's heel promo, in which he ran down the fans in attendance. Just one month on from his departure from WWE, Jon Moxley made his intentions very clear by attacking everyone in his path.

Seeing Jon Moxley arrive in AEW to an uproarious reaction was amazing. It reflected the genuine quality of the entire show, with the crowd displaying no signs of fatigue, even when the event was at its climax. The original talent in AEW right now are incredibly skilled in their profession, and they are a testament to what the independent wrestling scene can produce. The use of ex-WWE talent would draw casual fans to AEW, in order to see what their favourite performers can do in a new environment.

With names such as Shawn Spears, Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley jumping ship from WWE to AEW, there is room for many more.

The question is who.

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