10 Disappointing Wrestling Reveals That Let EVERYBODY Down

9. Hornswoggle Is The Anonymous GM

Mercedes Mone

RAW's year-long Anonymous General Manager saga was, like many an idea in McMahonland, a good concept marred by terrible execution - up to and including the reveal of the man behind the curtain (or under the ring, as it turned out).

RAW's Anonymous General Manager dictated the programming of WWE's flagship show for over a year and, while the idea of a mysterious entity running the brand was an intriguing one, the intrigue soon gave way to irritation. The GM's tendency to flip-flop between heel and face week to week - and sometimes hour to hour - meant discerning his/her identity became an exercise in frustration, which made the angle moribund long before it reached its conclusion.

As such, when the GM was outed as Hornswoggle the fan reaction was... well, Hornswoggle himself put it best on an episode of the sadly-discontinued WWE Countdown when he declared "And the crowd goes mild".

Indeed, when Hornswoggle was dragged out from his hiding place under the ring, fan reaction could best be described as "polite ambivalence". The Anonymous GM schtick had been on life support long before the storyline reached its conclusion, and Hornswoggle was not the big-name reveal needed to resusciate the dying angle.


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