10 Disturbing WCW Nitro Moments You Totally Don't Remember

Mental illness, bloodletting, domestic abuse, alcoholism and viagra on a pole...

Ric Flair boxer shorts WCW Nitro 1998

As WCW's flagship show for close to six years, Monday Nitro was once a Raw-beating powerhouse that gave fans countless classic moments. Goldberg beating Hollywood Hogan for the World Title in the summer of 1998 is timeless, as is Lex Luger's shock debut on the very first episode.

The problem with Nitro was this: for every one of those awesome ideas that turned heads, there were 10 others that were frankly sh*t and turned heads for the wrong reasons. Every single one of the moments listed in this article was responsible, but you've probably done your best to repress the fact they ever happened.

Between the dire years of 1999-2001, Nitro had enough angles per show to fill multiple programs if properly booked. Company lovers will also shake their heads when seeing a few things from '98 in here too; that was supposed to be WCW's peak, and yet it booted the promotion further towards disaster by throwing any old crap out there.

These are the Nitro moments you may have tried to forget, but they're like nightmares that won't cease. Get ready for viagra, casual racism, real-life demons and more...

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