10 Dream Tag Teams From WWE, AEW & NJPW Rosters

Teaming the best talent from the biggest wrestling companies in the world.


As anyone who has ever followed a sports team or player will tell you, sports and fantasy go hand in hand.

"If only Federer had converted those match points!"

"What if the referee had seen Henry's hand-ball?!"

"If only our team wasn't so utterly s**t."

Another common fantasy among sports fans is imagining dream lineups: assembling impossible collections of talent from across the globe to create the ultimate team. With that in mind, we decided it would be fun to imagine a world where pesky limitations like "non-compete clauses" and "geography" didn't exist, allowing wrestlers from the top three wrestling companies in the world to join forces at will.

The only rule in creating the following tag teams was 'duos only' - no Freebirding (or New Day-ing, if you're of a younger generation). Nostalgia has also been avoided as much as possible, so there will be no reformations of famous, well-established tag teams like the Hardy Boyz or the Golden Lovers on this list.

Please let us know of any fantasy pairing's you would like to see down in the comments section. AEW, WWE, and NJPW aren't exactly short of talent...


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