10 Dumbest Decisions By WWE Champions

9. Yokozuna - Offers Hulk Hogan A Championship Match At WrestleMania IX

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...or, Mr Fuji does, and Yokozuna doesn't get a chance to say "No, f*ck off!" in between sucking up all the wind from the first few rows.

Hulk Hogan was enough of a snake to think it okay to come and even accept the match while supposedly helping out his new best friend Bret Hart at the end of WrestleMania IX, but the sumo star was p*ss easy pickings after all.

What on earth made him think attempting to flatten a fresh 'Hulkster' was a smart move having only just got past 'The Hitman' thanks to interference from Mr Fuji? Arrogance at how well the rest of his career had gone so far? Exhaustion after 10 gruelling minutes in the Nevada sun? Or the forced against-type actions of a character boxed in by a booking contrivance?

It's obviously the latter, and it was such a dumb move that it took the actual ending of Hulkamania two months later at the King Of The Ring to rehabilitate him. Even that only happened because Vince McMahon himself was sick to the back a*se of his former golden goose by then.

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