10 Dumbest Storylines In WWE History

So bad, they’re just plain bad.


Not every angle’s a winner, but some leave everyone scrambling to change the channel, to poke holes in the near endless inconsistencies, to just ask: "why?"

Whether it seemed funny on paper, for shock value or in the hopes a little controversy might spike ratings, certain storylines have proven creative catastrophes for all involved - including those of us sitting on the couch at home.

WWE has been host to many of the greatest, most famous and most commonly referenced moments and stories in all of professional wrestling history. Sadly, they’ve also provided the opposite of this in spades, with seemingly innumerable disasterpieces over the years. While many complain WWE’s simply not as cool as it once was, they were not immune to stupidity in the good old days either and bad angles have impacted even the brightest of their stars.

From the perplexing to the preposterous and just plain potty, let’s take a look at ten of WWE’s worst ever storylines.

For the millions (and millions) of tales you feel deserve a dishonourable mention, feel free to comment below.


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