10 Embarrassing WWE Debuts You’ve Totally Forgotten About

What's that old saying about first impressions?

What makes a good WWE debut?

Screw that question, because it's way more fun to analyse what makes a bad one. How about bored fans deciding to troll the product, wrestlers so bizarre not even tenured announcers know what to say, gimmicks that left Vince McMahon scrambling for some handy 'abort' button, nasty injuries that flattened the entire experience and totally unnecessary race-baiting?

All of those things are included here, and they helped usher in new characters, angles and matches that pretty much nobody was talking about in the car ride home from arenas. Or, if they were, it would've been followed by some chuckles and maybe a few, 'What the f*ck was that all about?' remarks before everyone got back to talking about what they enjoyed.

These debuts were so foul that they even left some of the workers themselves questioning what was next. If first impressions truly are everything, then it must've been sleepless nights all round after the show, but you've probably forgotten about this collection of disasters.


At least a few of them recovered and went on to bigger and better things...

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