10 Exact Moments WWE Killed Careers

When WWE itself is fully responsible for wrecking characters and careers.

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It takes a lot to snuff out someone's WWE career.

Most fans tuning in know the deal by now - they know that Vince McMahon is fond of "taking performers out of their comfort zone". That's why Cesaro used to yodel on his way to ring, and it's why Natalya couldn't hold her gas during embarrassing backstage segments.

Both of those workers survived such humiliation and went on to enjoy some success (they're still around today too), but things could've gone off the rails so, so easily. Others? Well, others weren't quite so fortunate. They all suffered moments that outright killed any chances they had of either continuing under the gimmick or even being repackaged as something else entirely.


No, they were booked into oblivion and given some of the worst ideas in pro wrestling history. Keep in mind that all of this was supposed to get them over and maybe even make WWE some money. That's a scary thought when you see some of the stupidity wrestlers have been tasked with stomaching over the years.

10. Dr. Death Gets Knocked Out

Steve Austin Lance Storm Boring


One meaty punch was all it took for Steve Williams to watch (when he regained consciousness, at least) his WWF career go down the pan. The company's dreadful 'Brawl For All' shoot fighting idea was flawed from the start back when it kicked off in 1998, especially because it was supposed to be a vehicle for 'Dr. Death' to look like the fed's new hard man.

So much for that. Bart Gunn stiffed Death with a punch so hard Doc probably thought he was back in All Japan, and that was a wrap on Williams' credibility. He'd been brought in under assumptions that he'd blast through the competition with ease and then possibly work a program with golden boy Steve Austin.

Instead, the grizzled veteran found himself staring at the lights for Bart. Disgusted, Vince McMahon's braintrust moved on from Williams like he'd never even happened. He did show up again in early-1999, but not for long.

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