10 Exact Moments WWE Stars BURIED Their Own Careers

One look, one move, one match or one poor decision. That was all it took to wreck WWE careers.

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WWE's backstage atmosphere has changed for the better under the watchful gaze of Triple H, but it's still a highly-pressurised environment. Just one mistake might not prove to be career suicide, but then...that was rarely the case under Vince McMahon anyway. It took a lot for the old boss to write someone off for good.

So, if some of the wrestlers featured here didn't completely destroy hopes of a second chance, then they sure didn't do themselves any favours. "Completely destroy" is too strong for an industry built on trying again, but there's no denying one look, one move, one match or one poor decision can put someone's WWE career in the mud.

There isn't much margin for error after that.

Creative typically gets the blame for everything, and that's just the way it is. Fans on social media will always come down hard on those at the top or people in charge of writing this stuff, but there isn't much office staff can do when the pros drop huge clangers either in front of the cameras or away from the ring.

Someone needed to hand these folks a shovel...

10. Gail Kim Makes WWE's Mind Up

Stone Cold Steve Austin Dean Ambrose Jon Moxley 2016
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Here's a strange one to kick things off.

On the 1 August 2011 edition of Raw, WWE ran a women's Battle Royal designed to establish a brand new contender for the old Divas Title. In-ring, Gail Kim could be seen smiling before the bell sounded, but few were smiling behind the curtain when they saw what happened next.

Kim...eliminated herself and left within the first minute. According to Gail, she'd be told to get out of there ASAP, so she just figured it was time to go. This knowing bit of company trolling didn't do her any favours - there was no chance Kim was ever regaining WWE's trust after that stunt, and things got messier from there.

WWE reportedly tried to get Gail to see out the remainder of her contract. They changed their minds on that in September by cutting ties swiftly, and Kim hasn't been in the promotion since. Being honest, she herself has never seemed too gutted about that!


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