10 Exact Moments WWE Stopped Trying

"WWE's entire creative team and Vince McMahon have left the group chat".

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WWE don't give up without a fight...sometimes.

On other occasions? Yeah, Vince McMahon and his writing team just throw the towel in and realise that there's no point in trying any longer. The exact moments they do are often incredible, and they act as fascinating glimpses for fans into a creative system that relentlessly chugs along non-stop.

Pay close enough attention and you can see precise moments when McMahon loses faith in an act/feud/push. WWE don't keep this as well-hidden as they'd probably like - creative's own apathy for certain things just leaps off the TV screen at you after a while, and the examples here are proof of it.

WWE giving up doesn't always lead to company departures, but that's true in most cases examined. If a wrestler didn't leave the roster straight away after these debacles, then they sure moved one step closer to the exit door. Sometimes, that was through their own choice, which really shows how awful things were.

Welcome to a world in which writers make it look like they either can't be bothered or outright hate their own jobs...

10. Diesel Loses Power

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Vince McMahon certainly hated what he was seeing at In Your House 4.

A woeful card (it had King Mabel vs. Yokozuna on it, for f*ck sake) mercifully ended following Diesel vs. The British Bulldog in the main event. Both men struggled their way through the longest 18 minutes you're ever likely to see before Bret Hart poked his nose in for the DQ finish.

When the cameras faded to black, McMahon took his commentary headset off and hurled it to the ground in disgust. According to Bruce Prichard, the boss man was unable to hide his unhappiness at a stinker of a pay-per-view, and Kevin Nash knew his World Title experiment was all-but-over.

Nash later told Steve Austin on 'Stone Cold's' old podcast that he knew Vince had lost faith in him as champ right then and there. The bout had been that bad, and it was obvious to everyone that "Diesel Power" was running on empty.


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